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Cheshire II WWW Search Interface

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Cheshire II is an experimental system that consists of a Z39.50 client, which provides access to a number of online catalogs by means of a single user interface, and a Z39.50 server that provides both boolean and relevance ranked retrieval of records in its database.

The database managed by the Cheshire II server is called UCB Physical Sciences. It is located on the Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE, and it covers Berkeley's collections in the fields of astronomy, chemistry, earth sciences, engineering, mathematics, physics, and statistics. Relevance ranked retrieval is performed when you search it using the Topic index. Additional information about Cheshire II, its use, and the host institutions to which it provides access is available on the help screen.

The system is currently changing frequently; so please be prepared for, and pardon, occasional interruptions or modifications in service.

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