Cheshire Overview

What is Cheshire?

This section is a (brief) summarised form of the document

Cheshire is, at its heart, an SGML search engine. It supports full text documents, and many different types of query including relevance ranked, boolean and mixtures of the two. It can run in a server mode, and doing so uses the Z39.50 protocol, or via a CGI front end to be accessed from a web browser.
It is open source, and freely available for use by academic or non commercial organisations. It is written and maintained primarily by Ray Larson at UC Berkeley.

How to use Cheshire?

There are four documents which describe the various stages of getting Cheshire to work with your data. They are:

  1. Initial Server Setup and Compiling
  2. Configure the Database
  3. Running the Programs
  4. Write CGI scripts for web access

Who to Contact?

Regarding these documents, please contact Rob Sanderson ( Also if you're having trouble configuring Cheshire, even with the help of these documents feel free to contact me, though it might take a while to get back to you depending on my workload.
If you have found a certain bug in Cheshire, please contact Prof. Ray Larson ()
If you wish to use Cheshire in a commercial in environment, please contact Ray.