Cheshire II Commands

index_vectors - Index CheshireII VECTOR files


index_vectors [-T tempfiledir -S "sort flags" -L logfilename] configfilename


Index_vectors uses the descriptions included in the configuration file configfilename to index the vector files of a Cheshire II database. This program must be run AFTER the normal index_cheshire run has completed, since it uses the index information created by that program.

The configuration file should describe the main SGML data file, the associator file (See buildassoc), the DTDs for the main SGML data file and the indexes, including vector index files (I.e., those with ACCESS=VECTOR in the index definition). This program will create the vector files specified in the configuration file for the vector index files (only those with ACCESS=VECTOR). If this program is NOT run, the vector indexes can still be used like normal BTREE indexes, but will not be able to resolve blind feedback searches.


If the "-L" option is not used, then running the index_vectors program creates or appends to a file in the current directory called INDEX_LOGFILE. If the "-L" option is used then the logfile is given the name provided on the command line. If this file already exists when the program is run, new information is appended to the existing file. INDEX_LOGFILE will contain any errors or problems encountered in indexing.


None known


Configuration file documentation, index_cheshire


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