Information Access for a Digital Library:
Cheshire II and the Berkeley Environmental Digital Library
 Ray R. Larson
School of Information Management & Systems
University of California, Berkeley

Chad Carson
Computer Science Division, EECS
University of California, Berkeley

UCB Digital Library Project: Research Agenda

Testbed: An Environmental
Digital Library

The Environmental Library -

The Environmental Library - Contents

The Environmental Library - Contents

Botanical Data:

Geographical Data:


Documents - cont.


Testbed Success Stories

Research Highlights

User Interface Paradigms: Multivalent Documents

Multivalent Documents

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GIS in the MVD Framework

GIS Viewer Example

Overview of Cheshire II

Overview of Cheshire II

Cheshire II Searching

Current Usage of Cheshire II

Image Retrieval Research

Blobworld: use regions for retrieval


Creating and using Blobworld

Extract features for each pixel

Find groups in feature space

Find regions in the image

Describe regions by color, texture, shape

Creating and using Blobworld

Querying: let user see the representation

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Query experiments

Distinctive objects

Distinctive objects and backgrounds

Distinctive scenes

Index to search huge collections

Index using conventional IR methods

Indexing and Retrieval with Cheshire II

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Further Information

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Select appropriate scale for processing

Initialize means using image data

Grouping: Expectation-Maximization

How many Gaussians?

Find groups in feature space

EM math

Encode similarity between color bins

Fourier descriptors for shape

Rank images by distance

Index lower-dimensional histograms

Projection details

How many dimensions do we need?

Indexing doesn’t hurt precision too much